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Crossroads, the leading provider of Web hosting solutions, offers the superior performance of a nationwide, fully redundant DS3 backbone, and, network reliability ideally suited for the high-capacity needs of business. Crossroads' Web Hosting Services can provide you with an easy and affordable way to establish and maintain your company's presence on the World Wide Web.

Crossroads' Web Hosting Services give your business a reliable, well-managed, on-line presence. By hosting your site at Crossroads, you'll benefit from our 24X7 network management and site monitoring services and by utilizing our high-speed redundant internet backbone, your customers will have blazing fast response when accessing your site.

Crossroads' NT Hosting Service offers the fastest and most reliable TCP/ IP Network in the industry. Directly connected to a 100 MBPS FDDI Ring/DS-3 Link, our NT servers distribute site traffic through multiple, redundant 45 MBPS links which are connected to major peering points, and a fully redundant 45 MBPS nationwide Internet backbone.

Crossroads' NT Hosting Service uses Intel Pentium III 500 MHz processors with 512 MB of RAM, and Andataco RAID Array configuration with unlimited data storage available.  In addition, all of our web servers have real time hard disk failure recovery with RAID 1 (mirrored volumes) and/or RAID 5 (striped disk set with parity) fault tolerance.

Based on Microsoft BackOffice, Crossroads' NT Web Hosting Service is a powerful, user friendly web-publishing platform.  The NT environment allows use of a number of exciting tools including Visual Basic, Visual C++, VBScript, Microsoft Index Server, FrontPage, and MS Internet Studio.  Best of all, Crossroads has integrated a full suite of value-added features including custom CGI capabilities, monthly traffic reports and a web based administrative tool for total control of your site.

All home pages are backed up daily on tape. In situations where Crossroads technicians monitor degrading performance on a primary web server, its home pages can be quickly moved to another of our primary web servers. In the rare case of a complete system failure a backup web server is always on standby and can be swapped in for a failed web server.

As a Microsoft® Solution Provider, Crossroads hosts all home pages on Microsoft® Internet Information Server platforms. Microsoft® Internet Information Server's performance leadership has been consistently proven in independent tests and trade publications.  Crossroads DS-3 level Internet point of presence provides unlimited user access and each of our web servers are capable of 392 Connections Per Second (also known as Transactions or Operations Per Second with a throughput of 20.5 Megabits Per Second.

Standard Hosting Features

Unparalleled Connectivity - Crossroads’ servers are connected via multiple 45 MBPS links to major peering points and our own fully redundant 45 MBPS nationwide Internet backbone.

  • DEC Pentium III 500 MHz processors, 512 MB RAM

  • RAID Array disk configuration

  • Personalized Domain Name (i.e.,

  • Windows NT 4.0, IIS 4.0, FrontPage extensions, & Perl scripting

  • 24x7 monitoring of your Web site & friendly, helpful technical support

  • Support for SSL/PCT encryption technology

  • Daily tape back-ups

  • Authoring software

  • Monthly server traffic reports & optional third party auditing tools

  • Additional storage capabilities as needed

  • Complimentary Web log analysis tools

Optional Hosting Features

  • Relational database hosting with SQL Server 6.5

  • Allaire’s Cold Fusion Web database development tool

  • Dedicated CPU & dedicated server software

  • Secure Transaction Servers and Internet Marketing

A copy of the Terms and Conditions is available here.

For more information, please call one of our account executives at 888-826-9190 (locally at 248-9090), or send email to

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