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Crossroads' ISDN service is our entry-level service option for small to medium size businesses. ISDN is an ideal choice for the small office that requires reliable connection to the Internet. The entire LAN can be efficiently connected to the Internet with a single connection, without the complexity and cost associated with multiple phone lines and modems.

The following services are provided with all dedicated access accounts:

  • 24 Hours, 7 Days/Week, 365 Days/Year Network Operation Center and Technical Support Services
  • Full News read/post access to 22,000+ USENET newsgroups
  • Primary & Secondary DNS Services
  • Primary & Secondary SMTP Service

Crossroads offers both Flat-Rate and Metered ISDN service. The following list includes services specific to each type of ISDN service:


  • 1B (64Kbps) or 2B (128Kbps) channel service
  • 100 B-Channel Hours/Month included ($1.00 for each additional hour)
  • Up to 6 static IP Addresses (/29 IP subnet)
  • 1 POP Account


  • 1B (64Kbps) or 2B (128Kbps) channel service
  • Unlimited usage
  • Up to 14 static IP Addresses (/28 IP subnet)

Please note: The phone company local monthly ISDN charges and installation fees are not included in our prices and vary based on your location and distance from the nearest Crossroads POP (point of presence).

A copy of the Terms and Conditions is available here.

For more information, please call one of our account executives at 888-826-9190 (locally at 248-9090), or send email to


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