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Our Dedicated Access Service is ideal for businesses that require full-time, high-speed and reliable access to the Internet. Dedicated connections can be provided using T1, T3, or Frame Relay technologies with speeds ranging from 64Kbps to 45Mbps.

The following services are provided with all dedicated access accounts:

  • 24 Hours, 7 Days/Week, 365 Days/Year Network Operation Center and Technical Support Services
  • Proactive Monitoring and connectivity assurance via 2 minute ping test
  • Full News read/post access to 39,000+ USENET newsgroups
  • Primary & Secondary DNS Services
  • Primary & Secondary SMTP Service
  • Optional ISDN backup link in case of circuit failures

High-speed Dedicated Access connections are serviced by our high-speed Internet backbone utilizing T3 connections to Sprint/SprintLink, MCI WorldCom, UUNET Technologies, VERIO, and US West/Quest.

A copy of the Terms and Conditions is available here.

For more information, please call one of our account executives at 888-826-9190 (locally at 248-9090), or send email to

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