Co-Locating A Server with Thin Air Communications    
Monthly Fee:    $ 299.00   Unlimited Transfer    
  Customer Equip.  $ 250.00   Fully Configured by Customer and delivered to us    
  Thin Air Equip.  $ 500.00   Brand New Configuration to be done by us    
  8 I.P. #'s - $5.00 per month for each additional IP number    
  5 Email addresses per I.P. - $2.00 per month per address/domain for each additional addresses    
Webpage setup:    $   40.00   DNS and full IIS setup    
   $   25.00   DNS setup only    
Server Leasing: Pricing starts at $125/monthly and varies depending on hardware component selection     
  A minimum of a 24 month commitment is required.    
Additional Features:    
  Equipment under 24 hours manned security    
  Servers on a 10 hour direct battery backup + backup generator    
  Equipment protected from fire with a non-H2o protection system    
  24 hr. support (Technician available 24 hours)    
  Free use of onsite computer to manage server or content    
  100% of site manageability of server via interface software    
  Thin Air does not host X-rated pages on site    
  Thin Air does allow streaming or mass-download sites, but additional transfer charges apply/can be negotiated